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If you want results see Melissa!!
I started seeing Melissa in Dec 18 as I was getting married in May 19 and had acne. I was recommended new products to use at home which have played a huge part in the improvement of my skin. Every time we met we discussed what the plan would be. We didn’t start with the peels until my skin was a bit stronger, but after the first couple I was hooked! My skin started to look and feel better; the spots were coming up less and when they did they wouldn’t be so painful and would disappear quickly. People were starting to comment on how good my skin looked. I was so happy not to see that classic chin spot that I would so often see in all my pictures. On the big day I couldn’t have been happier with the results, there was no breakouts and any small spots were coverable. I feel incredibly grateful for finding her. I can’t recommend Melissa highly enough, she doesn’t just offer the standard ‘beauty facial’ that just feels nice, she gets results and I completely trust her with my skin.