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Melissa has been my ethetician getting on for a year now. She is lovely to spend time with as she is so friendly and warm. At the same time she is truly passionate about the skin care industry and my skin is reaping the rewards. She will tailor a plan according to your needs and/or requirements. She takes out all the confusion of a very complex industry where there are so many differing facial treatments. After an initial consultation and skin check, she seemed to know instantly what my skin needed to bring some sparkle back into it. I personally have had a combination of Glo Peels and Dermapen. I can honestly say I feel like my skin is so much fresher, my little break outs are a thing of the past and my biggest take away is that I no longer feel I need to wear foundation as part of my daily routine. This is revolutionary for me having worn it every day for probably 30 years!! People have been saying how well I look or how good my skin is looking. I would recommend Melissa to anyone feeling it’s time to shape up their skin.

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