ThermaVein®is a gentle, yet effective treatment used to remove thread veins.

This treatment offers a safe and permanent treatment for thread veins or spider veins.

Small blue or red veins at the surface of the skin can be a problem for many people. Medically known as ‘telangiectasia’, these small veins are hard to cover with makeup and have an ageing and unhealthy look which can spoil the complexion and be unappealing.

ThermaVein® is a clinically proven method which offers instant and permanent results in removing annoying vein problems.


How Does ThermaVein® Work?

ThermaVein® is a very safe treatment which deploys specially designed technology, using to seal the thread vein walls in a process called ‘Thermocoagulation’. Thermocoagulation works by gently joining the two walls of the vein together.

ThermaVein® is based on a high frequency wave producing a thermal lesion within the vein. A small probe is used, through which a low radiofrequency current of 4Mhz is applied to the skin, changing the consistency of the vein walls so that they stick together and become sealed. Once the veins are sealed, they are gradually re-absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system, leaving the skin clearer than before. More  than one treatment may be needed.

The Results