What People Are Saying



Facial Newbie
I booked a one off appointment with Melissa last year. Since then I have been going to Melissa on a monthly basis. I’ve never been that fussed with facials, but as a regular client with Melissa I appreciate the importance of maintenance of my skin. I get many compliments about the condition and appearance of my skin. I always look forward to my monthly appointments and highly recommend Melissa services.


I started seeing Melissa a year ago as I wanted to treat pigmentation on my cheeks and get my skin looking its best for my wedding. I live in Brighton but I’d never had a facial I was really happy with so when I heard about Melissa through a recommendation I decided to travel to see her and I haven’t looked back! As soon as I met her she put me totally at ease and I have total trust in her to get the best out of my skin. From the outset I felt like she was genuinely invested in how to help me and she put together a program to suit my lifestyle and budget. She clearly has a real passion and knowledge for what she does and she always explains the science behind everything she’s doing and the products she’s using. On top of this she is absolutely lovely and I really enjoy chatting to her, so much so that the treatments go by really quickly. My skin is definitely looking the best it’s looked in years and there is a noticeable difference in my dark patches. People are always complimenting me on how clear my skin looks. Thank you Melissa!


Melissa has been my ethetician getting on for a year now. She is lovely to spend time with as she is so friendly and warm. At the same time she is truly passionate about the skin care industry and my skin is reaping the rewards. She will tailor a plan according to your needs and/or requirements. She takes out all the confusion of a very complex industry where there are so many differing facial treatments. After an initial consultation and skin check, she seemed to know instantly what my skin needed to bring some sparkle back into it. I personally have had a combination of Glo Peels and Dermapen. I can honestly say I feel like my skin is so much fresher, my little break outs are a thing of the past and my biggest take away is that I no longer feel I need to wear foundation as part of my daily routine. This is revolutionary for me having worn it every day for probably 30 years!! People have been saying how well I look or how good my skin is looking. I would recommend Melissa to anyone feeling it’s time to shape up their skin.


Dermapen Treatments
I first came to see Melissa because I was unhappy with the appearance of my skin. It was very sensitive and red, had large congested pores and my skin tone was uneven and dull. Also I was concerned with lines on my chin (dummy lines) and frown lines. Melissa recommended a course of Dermapen treatments as best course of action, but advised that my skin was to weak to commence straight away, so she advised me on diet, supplements and skin care to follow and to come back in 4
weeks to start Dermapen. I have since had about 4 treatments and I’m very pleased with the results, my pores are reduced, my skin less red and reactive and a lot brighter, the lines on my chin greatly reduced, with an overall lift effect to my face. Melissa is easy to talk to, friendly and professional.


I came to Mellisa’s salon last year after recommendation from my friend. I’ve always suffered from eczema and dermatitis which have been treated with steroid and topic creams. I was going to be put on 3 month antibiotics but after few visits my skin improved significantly. I would highly recommend Melissa, I’m very impressed with her knowledge and she always gives a good advice in what products to use. I will be definitely coming back for more treatments.


Melissa has looked after me for at least 15 years and even though I moved away from the area, I wouldn’t dream of trusting my skin to anyone else so I still go to her. She combines up-to-date knowledge of the newest procedures with an infectious enthusiasm that makes me feel quite excited about my treatments. She has always very carefully listened to me explain my skin issues, and explains several options (and potential degrees of results) without pressure or unnecessary ‘salesmanship’ – which makes me trust her even more.
She has never steered me wrong and I’m thrilled with the results I’ve gotten from her customised skin treatment program for me. I know from experience that she cares deeply about getting great results for her clients. Melissa is a class act all around.


Melissa helped me solve my skin problems so when my 13 year old daughter was upset and self conscious about her spots I took her to see Melissa. What a difference she has made to my daughter – Melissa has been fantastic with her advice and treatment. My daughter’s skin improved after the first visit and now 8 months later her skin is so good she receives many compliments and wears no foundation or concealer as her skin is clear of spots.


If you want results see Melissa!!
I started seeing Melissa in Dec 18 as I was getting married in May 19 and had acne. I was recommended new products to use at home which have played a huge part in the improvement of my skin. Every time we met we discussed what the plan would be. We didn’t start with the peels until my skin was a bit stronger, but after the first couple I was hooked! My skin started to look and feel better; the spots were coming up less and when they did they wouldn’t be so painful and would disappear quickly. People were starting to comment on how good my skin looked. I was so happy not to see that classic chin spot that I would so often see in all my pictures. On the big day I couldn’t have been happier with the results, there was no breakouts and any small spots were coverable. I feel incredibly grateful for finding her. I can’t recommend Melissa highly enough, she doesn’t just offer the standard ‘beauty facial’ that just feels nice, she gets results and I completely trust her with my skin.


Relaxing and good experience
I went to Melissa to treat my acne I have had acne for over 15 years and tried several different products and dermatologist advice but nothing seemed to work.My skin has really improved a lot since facial and dermapen treatment.Melissa is always very friendly and welcoming, professional. I highly recommend Melissa


Outstanding service!
I’ve had terrible skin (acne, scarring and blemishes) for years. Melissa has helped me a lot in overcoming this. Just after one session of dermapen, the results have been great! Have had 3 sessions so far and my skin has never been better. Because of this I gained my confidence! Other than the excellent services Melissa offers, she has been really lovely. She always made me feel comfortable during sessions and have been following up in between, giving home care tips!